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ScorpionTrack ST60 Waterproof  GPS Tracking System Waterproof insurance approved stolen vehicle tracking system HERTS
Waterproof, insurance approved stolen vehicle tracking system
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About the ST60

The ST50 is a GPS/GSM tracking system with Thatcham Cat. 6 accreditation. TQA225.  It is suitable for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles and can be fitted to all types of vehicles including LCV, HGV, agricultural, plant equipment, motorbikes and quad-bikes.

Installation and Subscriptions

The system is subject to a supply and fit cost as quoted as well as a subscription which is payable either yearly or over a 4 year period.  This subscription gives you access 24/7 to your vehicle’s whereabouts.  You will be contacted either by text or by phone for a number of alerts and these are itemised below.

Early Warning Movement Alert

The system will text you if any movement is detected and is particularly suitable to small vehicles that can be lifted and stolen.  The system allows 5 free text messages a month and additional text messages can be purchased at £15.00 for 100 text alerts.

Tamper Alerts:

You will be contacted by our secure control room in the event of a power interrupt.

Motion Sensor Alerts:

You will be alerted if the vehicle is towed or moved without keys in the ignition.

Option for key guard – There is an additional cost to the subscription of £30.00 per year for this. 

If the vehicle is moved without keys in the ignition, the system will trigger.  You will be contacted by phone if the vehicle moves outside of a 100m radius with the ignition off.

Low Battery Alert:

You will be contacted if the battery runs low, is disconnected or drops suddenly.

Insurance Accreditation

Once fitted you are able to log in to your user account where you are able to print a certificate of installation once you have paid the subscription.

The unit can be transferred from one vehicle to another.  

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