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AmeriCam KF3S Discreet Silver MicroBlock Forward Facing Camera Kit Surface mount MicroBlock Forward facing parking camera kit HERTS
Surface mount MicroBlock Forward facing parking camera kit
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The AmeriCam KF3 is a high performance, fully automatic, practical driver assistance device. The primary objective is very simple: to assist a driver when parking. While with experience, drivers may be quite accurate at parking, a camera only adds to their skills. Furthermore, the camera covers the blind spots that lie immediately in front of the car, blind spots that have been responsible for many front-over accidents.

Designed in Silicon Valley, California, all AmeriCam products are engineered to the highest standards. The Black Lacquered or Pearl Silver MicroBlock™ camera that is included in the KF3 kit is rated at IP68, which means it is impervious to dust and water. The camera can be easily mounted in a variety of locations using the supplied installation tool. An optional mounting bracket is also available. The 3/16" connector is fed through the engine bay and into the cabin where it is plugged into a control box installed behind the dashboard. Power is supplied from the accessory circuit and finally the system control switch can be mounted anywhere to suit the driver. The KF3 integrates with existing AmeriCam reversing systems by simply plugging the control module inline. If an AmeriCam reversing system is not already present, please take a look at the KF31 or KF33 for display options. No other connections or work are involved. When the control button is pressed, a sharp and vivid image is instantly displayed on the screen. Simple!

In daily use, when the control button is pressed, the system displays the front camera for up to 20 seconds. If the vehicle is placed into reverse gear, the display automatically switches to the rear camera. This system makes parallel parking particularly easy and is also very useful for pulling up close to walls, curbs or any other object that is directly in front of the car and not usually visible to the driver.

With the benefits of our patented installation technology, most customers are able to completely install the system in around 30 minutes. There are no other systems in the market of this kind and nothing is as quick and easy to install. In addition, since AmeriCam products are modular plug and play devices, additional features such as a trailer camera can be easily added to the AmeriCam system at any time.

* Choose between Black Lacquer or Pearl Silver finish
* MicroBlock™ colour camera
* Forward view
* Instant image
* Day and night use
* Easy to install
* Integrates with other AmeriCam products

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