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Parrot ASTEROID Classic The car receiver with web service apps voice recognition and handsfree telephone HERTS
The car receiver with web service apps, voice recognition and hands-free telephone.
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Parrot ASTEROID Classic is a Single-DIN car receiver with multimedia connectivity and hands-free capabilities. With an embedded ANDROID operating system that opens up the Parrot ASTEROID Classic to a new world of possibilities in the automotive environment. These include internet applications and geolocation thanks to its 3G and GPS connectors: Internet radios, music streaming radios, points of interests or navigation services. Several applications will be proposed by Parrot along its product life.

The Parrot ASTEROID Classic can connect to the Internet using either a 3G USB dongle (sold separately) or by using a compatible Smartphone’s Bluetooth® 3G data sharing connection.

The Parrot ASTEROID Classic combines an elegant detachable faceplate equipped with backlight buttons and an innovative guiding system to insert the faceplate. Main functions are all accessible via the discreet jog wheel, making browsing through the menus more intuitive. The new and large high-definition 3.2” colour screen displays in an instant all your information, phonebook, menus, music, playlist, album covers, internet applications etc.

Parrot ASTEROID Classic plays all types of music sources: iPod, iPhone, USB, SD card and also Bluetooth stereo (A2DP), analog player.Vocal music search facilitates access to your music; just pronounce the name of the artist, album stored in your music library and the music will be launched automatically.

The reduced depth of Parrot ASTEROID Classic facilitates the installation in standard headunit location and it’s compatibles with all makes of car equipped with 1 DIN module .

To make the experience even more enjoyable, the Parrot ASTEROID Classic is equipped with a 4x55W built-in MOSFET amplifier, a subwoofer output and 6xRCA preamp-output , it also includes an equalizer with sound effects that gives an exceptional sound quality.

Parrot ASTEROID Classic also offers Bluetooth advanced hands-free telephony features: from the first connection, the Parrot ASTEROID Classic automatically synchronises the phonebook of the mobile and directly associates an user-independent voice recognition tags so calls can be simply launched by voice or by browsing the phonebook. All the telephony information from the phone is displayed on the bright 3.2’ display so it has never been easier to make calls with a hands-free system.

Kit Contents: 1x Parrot ASTEROID Classic unit, 1x ISO cable, 1x GPS receiver with USB connector, 1x USB male 1.5m to USB female cable, 1x iPod cable 1.2m, 1x jack cable male to male 1.5m (audio device), 1x front panel bag , 1x quick start guide , 3x cables ties , 1x bracket keys , 1x double external microphone and 1x mounting sleeve.

To check compatibility for your phone or kit please visit www.parrot.com/support
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