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Scorpion X Series Can Bus Immobiliser  HERTS
Can Bus Immobiliser
£449.00 *Fitted
£374.17 Ex. VAT
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Secure your vehicle with a can bus immobiliser, with this immobiliser you will need a password to start your vehicle, no password, no go. 
using the original buttons on the vehicle you can create a unique code for your car!
giving you maximum protection against all theft. 

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keyless car theft has become more and more common and is only going to get worse, to defend against this we highly recommend an immobiliser! this will protect your vehicle. 

Sequence to start immobiliser - password to start

with this choice you have a unique code entered via the factory buttons on the vehicle. this is very easy to use and is auto arming as you exit the vehicle.

Scorpion X Series

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